Monday, November 23, 2009

Getting Back into the Routine

Alex got off of his routine last week. He was home for a few days with a cold, and then he seemed to be teething over the weekend. He did not want to fall asleep on Saturday night, so we randomly drove to Boerne and back. After about 45 minutes in the car, he still was not asleep...

He returned to daycare today, which I hope will help him get back into a routine. (I especially miss him sleeping through the night...) He seems to enjoy daycare, including the buggy rides, crawling after the "walkers," and "hugging" the younger babies.

He was exhausted when he came home today. He was not happy when he realized that Daddy had done some baby-proofing today. He noticed that the wires and cords in the family room are now out of his reach.

The photo is from Sunday, November 22. Alex is over 8 months old now!

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John Grafton said...

He actually got mad at the missing cables and started crying. I never knew they were so important to him. :)