Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yellow Wall

When we bought our house, all of the walls were painted white or had been wallpapered. All of the paint was in good shape and had only been done a couple of years before the house went on the market. Despite all of the HGTV I have watched over the years, I was not motivated to start changing this until it was time to make one of the rooms into a nursery for Alex. Initially, I wanted to paint the nursery yellow, but John preferred blue. We went with blue.

I must still want yellow in my house, since that is the color I chose for our entryway after my mom and I took down the 1970's wallpaper. John painted the entryway yesterday and it is quite yellow.


Hulk said...

Boo to multi colored houses! Loretta got me into that trap and now I have to maintain semigloss this, flat that, and satin other. Man, oh man it makes it tough for touch ups - I must have 10 different colors in the shed. And just wait for the day you go to the paint store and find out they don't have the formula for "that color" any more.

juicy said...

I completely agree Brent. If you simply use a nice, flat primer paint across the whole house, it ties the whole house together colorwise. And Home Depot will always have your paint and will never have to mix it. Win-win.

Sara said...

I'll blame all of the home improvement shows (i.e. HGTV) that make it look easy.