Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Toddler

When we took Alex for his 15 month check-up, there was some concern that he was not walking yet. Of course, two days later he started taking some steps on his own. Now Alex can walk briefly on his own and is walking more and more each day.

On June 21, Alex will be moving up to the "Young Toddlers" room at the Child Development Center. I met one of his new teachers last Friday and was able to see his new room. The room and playground have more space to play, and he will be back in with some kids he already knows.

Last night we bought Alex his first pair of sneakers. He will need shoes with regular soles in the toddler room. He seems to walk well in them and they were on sale.

I enjoyed Jessica Turner's blog post on the Benefits of Daycare.

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