Sunday, June 13, 2010

Texas Folklife Festival

Today we made our first trip to the Texas Folklife Festival. I had been to the Institute of Texan Cultures before, but I did not realize how large the grounds are until we walked around the festival. The festival is large and a lot of fun.

We ate Chinese, Lebanese, Irish (I'm counting Guinness in this category), and Belgian food. Alex enjoyed the fried rice and I got my falafel. We found a shaded table near one of the stages and set up camp there. We talked to the vendor next to us who draws maps. My mom talked to the Scottish and Irish dancers. It was a nice afternoon, but of course it was HOT.

Alex walked around the festival too. He walked with John, pushed his stroller, and took steps on his own. Alex enjoyed watching people, especially the other kids.

My mom took the photos today.

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