Monday, August 2, 2010

Alex @ 17 months

Alex is 17 months old today and getting more and more independent. Now that he is comfortable with walking, he no longer wants to hold your hand.

Alex is excited to go to school in the morning. Once he is dressed, he heads for the front door. He is happy to see me when I come to pick him up after work. Most days I get one of his slobbery kisses. He is still teething, and we lost count of his teeth. The larger molars are coming in now.

He loves to play outside and the South Texas summer heat does not seem to bother him. He will head to the back door when he wants to go out to play.

He has learned some new words recently including Grover, Elmo, and tickle. He picked up Grover and Elmo on the drive home from the coast when we were reading one of his books. Elmo comes out more like Mo-mo though. He has been saying tickle for a little while, but we did not realize it. His teacher noticed him saying it with one of their songs.

He eats more and more "adult" food, and the need for separate Alex meals in decreasing. He continues to enjoy fruit and yogurt. Sometimes he throws his food on the floor, which the dogs appreciate.

He continues to be a happy, easy going kid.

(Alex is pictured on 8/1/10.)

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