Tuesday, August 24, 2010

one weekend 2 shots (August 20-22)

The weekend was enjoyable but went by even faster than usual. I worked a half day on Saturday, so Alex and John spend some quality time together. I also had lunch and some time with friends on Sunday. I was able to recharge my batteries for the week ahead. Work has been extra busy with the start of a new semester.

I did not use my camera as much as I had planned,but I did get in a few shots on Friday evening and Sunday evening.

I had not taken a picture of Alex with food all over his face recently. Most evenings, Alex goes straight from the high chair to the bath tub. You might remember the cute high chair cover from past photos. It has gone into storage since we could no longer keep it clean. We would have needed to wash it daily once we hit the messy toddler phase.

I took a close-up as Alex ran around in his diaper after his bath Sunday evening. This is the evening ritual between bath time and bedtime.

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Beth said...

How fun!! We have found that the high chair cover is still fairly easy to keep clean with Will, but don't expect it to stay that way long. He is in the beginning phases of self-feeding this days. We have found that his high chair and cover are wonderful storage devices for cheerios, pieces of bread, and puffs! :) Take care!