Sunday, May 1, 2011

Alex @ 2

Alex is about 32 pounds and 35 inches tall. He is still sleeps in his crib, but I wonder if he could climb out if he really wants to...

Alex still loves bananas, but cheese is his new favorite food. John says that he gets that from my family. :)

Alex is talking more and more. I had a good conference with Alex's teacher on Friday, and he is doing well. He loves reading at school and is good at the matching game. He says "thank you" and likes to say "hi" to his friends.

Even though it is May, Alex likes to watch the Elmo's Christmas Countdown DVD. I am listening to Brad Paisley sing Jingle Bells as I type this post. Grandma taught Alex to identify Brad Paisley. Alex is a little sponge and picks up everything these days!

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Alison said...

Two year-olds are so precious..I love children at that age!