Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mall Trip

We work very close to a mall, so it is easy to head there on a lunch hour or after work. On Monday evening we were on the hunt for new shoes for Alex. We had John's car, but the stroller was in my car. Alex had no problem walking through the mall and stayed by us most of the time. (It is was nice to make this trip when it was not crowded.)

We stopped by the food court for dinner, but Alex did not need a a high chair. He sat at the table with no problems and ate his kid's meal.

At the shoe store, we found out the he is now in the largest size of the toddler section. He will wearing preschool size shoes in no time. (John will then want to get him the Star Wars shoes.)

Before leaving, Alex had some time to play on the playground. He climbed up and slid down with ease. I was amazed at how big he is getting and enjoyed the time with my boys.

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