Wednesday, May 18, 2011

one weekend 2 shots (Alex's Outfits)

Alex now has an opinion on what he wears. This past weekend, he was really into picking out his outfits, and the results were humorous. On Saturday, Alex refused to take off his elephant pajama shirt since he loves elphants. By mid-morning the shirt had some ink on it after he got ahold of my pen. I got some regular shorts on him, but then he wanted to wear his red Elmo socks along with sandals. I do not like socks with sandals, but I have learned to "pick my battles" with a toddler. He had my cell phone, but he can't do too much damage when it is locked. :)

I came home on Sunday afternoon, and Alex had a different outfit on after naptime. This outfit consisted of a black and gray baseball shirt with some plaid shorts. The shorts were too big, so he preferred them as a hat.
As a bonus shot, I wanted to include Alex wearing his Alamo socks, which he wants to wear regularly.

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Alison said...

So cute!
Alison xx