Tuesday, April 10, 2012

10 Things: Moving On

Earlier this month, we closed the sale of our house in Texas. This was our first house, and I lived there for five an a half years. We officially bought the house on July 14, 2006, and slept on the floor there the first night due to our excitement. Alex and I had one-way tickets to move to California on January 14, 2012. I snapped some pictures the week we moved, and now seems like a good time to share them.

The house was all packed on a Wednesday.

It took me forever, but the ugly wallpaper was removed in the master bathroom and replaced with yellow paint. The green carpet was replaced after we moved out.

This was Alex's room right before the move. The green carpet was also replaced after the move. Alex switched to a "big boy bed" once we moved to California.

Since I did not have years to remove the wallpaper, we had a contractor remove the wallpaper and repaint the hall bathroom. He was messy, but we were still happy with the results.

The moving truck was loaded on a Thursday. Alex and I flew to California the following Saturday. The dogs were actually the last to move. My parents took care of the dogs for a few days, and then my mom flew with the dogs to California. I am so glad that I did not have to fly by myself with a toddler and two dogs!

This was Alex's tree.

John built the shed.

Alex's teachers made him this awesome sign for his last day at the Child Development Center. We all loved his first "school."

We have many fond memories of our first house and living in Texas.

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lynnegood said...

You will make so many new memories California! I am so excited for you guys - think of this as another chapter!

Alison said...

I hope you go on to create as many happy memories in CA!
Alison xx

Sara said...

Yes, this is another chapter for us. So far, so good :)

JO SOWERBY said...

what a brilliant idea for ten on the tenth. hope u r settling into californian life and enjoying setting up your new home and craft studio?
jo x

Mary B said...

Well done on remembering to take the photos in all the chaos of moving

Nathalie said...

I recently moved house as well and wish I had thought of taking "goodbye" photos from each room! Good luck in California!

Sara said...

I don't expect to have a craft studio anytime soon. I am happy to be back crafting at the kitchen table, which is how I began 7 years ago. Although, I have collected more supplies over the past 7 years...