Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10 Things: October

It is already the 10th of the month, so it is time for me to share my "10 Things" inspired by posts at We are having a busy fall, so here are 10 Things that we doing this month:

1. Going on an adventure to San Francisco
John and Alex went on an adventure last Saturday to San Fancisco while I was at a bridal shower. They had a picnic and saw some ships, boats, and airplanes that were in the city for both Fleet Week and the America's Cup. John took Alex's photo at the train station on their way to San Francisco.

2. Working
John and I are both keeping busy at work. John is working on a big project. I am mostly advising students on academic probation and juniors who need to be accepted into a major. Our work is both draining and rewarding.

3. Teaching
The semester is in full swing, so the class and grading are keeping me busy.

4. Feeding the dogs
Alex takes his "jobs" at home and school very seriously. He likes to help and gets upset if he does not get to feed the dogs each morning and night. He is learning how to measure out the correct amount of food for each dog. He also helps me make the beds.

5. Getting a Halloween Costume for Alex
Alex wants to be a "superhero with wings" so we are working on a Batman costume.

6. Looking for a rental house
Most people rent apartments and houses through Craigslist postings out here. I am glad that we are starting early. Places go quickly in the Bay Area! So far I have responded to 2 ads, but one of them was a scam. (Tear!)

7. Planning for the Holidays
Alex wants to "ride on an airplane and see snow".

8. Making cards and scrapbook layouts
I have been trying to squeeze in some crafty time even though things are busy.

9. Attending some Las Madres activities
We have some fun events coming up with the playgroups. We have a party and trip to the pumpkin patch coming up.

10. Learning
There is a lot to learn with new jobs and living in a new place!


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Boo for the rental that was a scam!

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