Saturday, October 20, 2012

October in CA

We are having nice fall days in the Bay Area. Last weekend we went to the pumpkin patch at Spina Farms with the Las Madres Working Moms group and had a great time.

Today, we had a picnic at Memorial Park.

Alex chose to wear his UTSA jersey, and today is UTSA's Homecoming football game against my new employer, San Jose State. I had hoped to go back to San Antonio for the game and a visit, but we are having a busy fall. I do not have much vacation time yet at my new job, and I teach class on Fridays. Also, we are getting ready for a local move, so we are organizing and packing. We are happy to be moving a few miles into a rental house soon.

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Alison said...

I always wish we had pumpkin farms when I see you girls' pics from the USA..the colours are awesome! Hope the move goes well
Alison xx