Monday, October 29, 2012

Around the Apartment

Our time in the apartment is coming to an end. Once we were considering a big move last year, I had more motivation to document our daily lives knowing that many things could change. That motivation continues as we move forward and our life in California evolves. I find myself taking pictures around our apartment and the complex.

We can see the sun setting from our second floor windows. The striking colors of this sunset after some rain in September prompted me to go outside and take a picture.

I see the sunrise many mornings while walking the dogs. Well, I will not missing early morning walks.

The apartment complex has nice landscaping, so I took some pictures of the flowers recently. The mild weather means that we still have flowers blooming in October.

The apartment had a unique floor plan, so I often find myself upstairs looking down at John and Alex. We will be back to one level in the rental house, so I wanted to capture the view from above. Alex likes to watch videos on my computer.

Back to grading papers, laundry and eventually some packing!

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Alison said...

Hope it all goes will be nice to get back into a house I should think!
Alison xx