Monday, December 3, 2012


The end of the year is a natural time for reflection, but I think that it is exaggerated for me since 2012 has been such a year of changes for us. There may be multiple reflection blog posts coming...

One of my realizations is that I can be happy in a variety of places and situations. Of course the are day-to-day stresses, but I can see our lives taking a variety of directions with happy results. I have been happy living in three different states. There are things that I like about each location. I have been happy in different jobs, and can try to put my unhappiness aside when I do not like a job. I can be happy buying a house or renting a house. Living in an apartment was not bad, but a house is better for us in the phase of life.

These reflections are helpful and lead me to bigger questions about what I really want as our lives move forward. Mainly I want to relax and bit and settle down in 2013, but I expect to be asking myself some of the bigger questions too.

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