Monday, December 3, 2012


We really enjoy our weekends! Some weekends we FaceTime with my parents. Technology has helped us keep in touch after our move. Our current set up allows John to connect his iPad to our TV for FaceTime.

We moved that last of our stuff to the house the day after Thanksgiving. Alex was "helping" me unpack and found my Cabbage Patch Kids. Most of the house is unpacked now, but I still have unpacking and organization to do in the third bedroom, which will eventually be an office, craft room, and guest room.

When the weather is nice, we spend time outside. We had nice weather the last weekend of November, so Alex rode his bike to the nearby elementary school. He rides fast now, and I had to jog to keep up with him. The school has 3 great playgrounds, and Alex is comfortable on the playgrounds set up for older kids too.

The weather turned rainy this week, but we still found fun things to do. We went to a game night with one of John's co-workers Friday night and a team lunch with more his co-workers today. Yesterday was our Las Madres Holiday party, and the kids had fun at a gymnastics center. The bounce house and trampoline were both very popular.

Alex did well when he was rolled around and kept saying "ye-haw." There are some signs that someone was born in Texas.

After our weekend fun, it can be challenging to shift gears back to the work week. This week, I will be grading for class. The semester is wrapping up quickly.

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