Saturday, November 30, 2013

Around Here - November 2013

November seemed to fly by! We visited the Tech Museum in San Jose with friends to see the Star Wars exhibit.

We enjoyed family time on the weekends. John made us bacon and eggs for breakfast and then Alex made us some "sandwiches."

We have been in our current rental house for a little over a year, so we are getting more settled. The dogs even got their own spot in the office. We were due for an Ikea trip and Alex stayed in their Smaland (supervised kids area) for the first time while we did some shopping.

John and Matt worked on the front yard, which looks great. Fall comes later here, so the leaves are still falling.

Alex just finished another round of Soccer Shots and had a lot of fun. He likes to play goalie and dive for the ball.

Alex and John went ice skating for the first time this season. I stayed home to grade papers, but still got to see some of the action on this video. Alex is really improving and I cannot believe how big he is getting.

We had a good Thanksgiving starting with a trip to the park. We made a green bean casserole and mashed potatoes to take to dinner at a friends' house. Alex helped a bit, including peeling a potato.

Alex got in lots of play time. I am not a huge fan of our living room chairs, but they are good for making a tent. We reorganized Alex's room earlier this month and made a bin just for costumes so Alex can more easily play with them.

We wrapped up the month by putting up the Christmas Tree this evening. Alex is bouncing around in this photo as usual.

It has been a good month, and we are ready for more fun in December.

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Lovely catch up!
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