Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week in the Life: Sunday

Alex slept in until 8:30 A.M., which is rare. After breakfast, he played with his new puzzle and some spatulas.

The toys continued to take over the family room, but they are now cleaned up at the end of the day.

Sundays are usually quiet days spent around home. Alex and I dropped off a donation to Goodwill and then put gas in my car. While Alex was napping, I took Frida to the vet for a check up.

After his nap, we went to the neighborhood playground.

Alex tried some corn on the cob at dinner. After dinner we Skyped with both my dad and brother, since my dad is visiting him for about a week.

Alex was being a difficult two year old today. He was moody and whiney at times and into everything. In the spirit on Sesame Street, the Word on the Street is No and today's blog post was brought to you by the letter A and the number 2.

This post wraps up The Week in the Life. It was my first time trying this project, and I learned two things. First, even a simply version of the project takes time and dedication. Second, I want to continue to work on my photography skills. I am still thinking about making a photobook from the week using the photos and blog posts.

WeeK in the Life: Saturday

The day started with breakfast. Banana and Crispix cereal are Alex's favorites. Paddy and Frida hover near the table waiting for Alex to drop some food. He does not need his high chair or booster seat anymore.

There are usually toys all around the family room.

Alex likes getting into our closet, which means that it is more difficult to keep it clean and organized. Today he wanted to wear John's boots. Once he realized that they are heavy to walk in, he decided that Daddy should wear them.

Alex watered his tree, which is having a hard time with the heat this summer.

Alex wanted to go to the pool, and first he swam in the big pool with his boat.
Alex is into horses right now, so Daddy was the horse as they swam around the kiddie pool. Alex kept saying "Yeehaw." We don't know where he picked that up...
There were lots of clouds on Saturday and even a little rain.

John and I had a "date night" on Saturday to celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary the next day. My mom watched Alex for a few hours. First we went to Borders to use a gift card before they go out of business. We bought Alex a cool puzzle with locks and latches. I really like bookstores, so it was sad to see this one all messy and on the verge of closing. Although, I was not a regular Boarder's shopper. I mainly shop Amazon and Barnes and Noble or try to check out books from the library.

We went to Kona Grill for dinner and had some potstickers, sushi, drinks and dessert. I forgot how to use chopsticks, so John helped me with it. Everything was delicious, and we had a great waiter.

Saturday was a good day. I especially enjoyed our time at the pool and a date night with John.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week in the Life: Friday

Our week continued to be about flexibility, which is key when you have two working parents and a two year old.
Alex was extra tired in the morning and harder to wake up than usual. We all carpooled to work/daycare in the morning since John was still getting over an eye infection. Light sensitivity and the summer, South Texas sun are a rough combination.

My cell phone was going off (just vibrating) in a morning meeting, which usually is not a good sign. Alex needed to be picked up from daycare. John made him an appointment at the pediatrician, and I picked him up from daycare. He was his usually happy self, but he had a suspicious red bump in his face. The pediatrician confirmed that it was a mild case of Impetigo and prescribed an ointment. There was a notice on Alex's classroom door about a case of Impetigo in the center, so the teachers were watching for it. For the first year of daycare, Alex did get sick regularly, but it has really decreased since then.

We dropped off Alex's prescription and ate lunch at Alex's favorite restaurant, Subway, while it was being filled. One of the staff members there recognizes us now, but he was not working on Friday.

We made it back home in time for naps for both Alex and Mommy.

Alex's teacher sent home some of his recent artwork:

Since I had taken the car, my mom was able to bring John home from work. Their buildings are pretty close on campus. We had tacos for dinner before John left for his softball game.
Alex watched some Elmo before bed. We limit his screen time and use some DVDs, Netflix and other shows online. Alex has wanted his jaguar this week, but sometimes he calls it a tiger or lion.
After Alex went to bed, I had some crafty time and made two cards. Friday did not go as planned, but it was still a good day.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Week in the Life: Thursday

Thursday turned out to be a good day.

Alex is pictured in his pajamas shortly after waking up. We don't always match pajamas for two reasons. First, Alex likes to pick out his own sometimes. Also, he outgrows the tops before the bottoms.

Alex is reading on the way to daycare. I needed to be at work at 7:30 A.M. and drop off Alex at daycare, which opens at 7:30 A.M. Problem. I am lucky to have a friend that I can text at 7:00 A.M. asking her to bring my "orientation bucket" to the ballroom for me. I was only 10 minutes late to work and ready for my 8:00 A.M. group. John was able to get an appointment at the eye doctor that morning for an eye infection.

At work, this is what we fondly refer to the "orientation bucket," which serves as a mobile office for group advising at orientation. I had 4 groups of 7 college freshmen throughout the day. After meeting with nervous parents on Wednesday, I was expecting nervous and difficult students on Thursday. Actually, I had well prepared groups and the day went smoothly. I had a "Keep Calm and Carry On" sign just in case the day was nuts. This was week 9 of orientation, and we have 3 more orientations for the fall semester.

After work, I met my mom at the rec center to walk the track. We try to meet once a week after work to exercise.

Before Alex goes to bed, we all brush our teeth in the master bathroom. I am not sure how this part of the bedtime routine started but it has stuck. Most nights, Alex is good about going to bed.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week in the Life: Wednesday

Long day, short post. Once I got to work, I forgot to take photos.

I started my day with breakfast and reading some blogs. I did not get up until 6:30 A.M., so I was running a little late. This was the calm part of my day.

Alex is out the door and on his way to school. He likes the tools on this shirt.

I stole the term "five mile radius" from a friend, and I do not have to go outside of mine many days. From my driveway to my parking spot at work this morning was only 3.8 miles. My short commute averages out to about 10 minutes.

I have been listening to NPR lately on my morning drive into work. I am surprised that I did not discover NPR earlier in life.

Once I got to work, this became my mantra:
The last few orientations get extra crazy, and we have hit that time in the summer. I spent a lot of my day telling worried freshmen and their parents that "it will all work out."

One of the highlights of my day was having an impromptu lunch with my mom. I saw her having lunch on the way to buying my lunch. It is nice working on the same campus.

The other highlight of my day was having a potluck dinner with the book club ladies. I made some hummus. I am in the most laid back book club. There is no shaming if you don't get to finish the book. Since summer is busy for people, we are taking two months to read our current book and just had dinner and chatted this evening. I even went outside of my "five mile radius" and inside Loop 410 for the evening!

Good Night

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week in the Life: Tuesday

This project may just highlight bits and pieces of our lives, but I hope that it is still a good documentation of things that I have not shared on the blog and scrapbooked before this project.

John and Alex leave for the day usually between 7:15-7:20 A.M. Alex prefers to climb into the car seat himself. This can be a slow process and he says, "Alex do it!"

This is how Alex's room looked after he left this morning. He needed to take all of his t-shirts out of the drawer in order to chose one to wear. He also wanted to play with the fire station this morning.

My work bag:

Today at work:
I sent 12 emails, took 3 phone calls from students, called 3 other students, saw 5 students for walk-in advising, and prepped files for next week's orientation.

Here is what Alex painted yesterday at school. He did mangage to get paint on the paper and not just on himself.

Alex requests to listen to "Science" in the car. This is a good CD. We skipped their ABC's and 123's albums and went straight to Science. I think that it is ok because Alex can say his ABC's and count to 10 sometimes.

Sometimes Alex helps feed the dogs. He is getting better at measuring out their food.

Grocery List
It is a short one this week:
2 bags of Pita Chips
2 packages of Pita Bread
HEB Lite Sausage
Rice Cakes
Brown Rice
Thin Spaghetti
Spaghetti Sauce
Crispix Cereal
Special K Vanilla Almond Cereal
Granola Bars
Aluminum Foil
Frozen Fruit Bars
Sweet Potato Fries
Light Sour Cream

We tend to stock up at the beginning of the month, and then have shorter lists towards the end of the month. For a while, I was grocery shopping each week on Sunday mornings with Alex. As Alex has gotten a little older, it is harder to grocery shop with him for the big trips. He does well on the shorter trips, especially if he can drive the "truck" shopping cart. John shops once a week after work, which is a big help. The funny thing is when he calls me from HEB to ask were an item is located.

I did not end up cooking anything for dinner tonight because we were not very hungry.

At first, Alex did not want to take a bath. After sitting on the potty (he just sits for a minute, but it is a start), he wanted to take a bath. Afte he went to bed, this is how the coffee table looked.

Laundry! I try to do some loads during the week so that it does not pile up too much. We think that folding all of the laundry is optional.

What are we reading?



Good Night

Monday, July 25, 2011

Week in the Life: Monday

Welcome to my Week in the Life, a project pioneered by Ali Edwards. I have followed her blog since 2006 or 2007 and love all that she contributes to scrapbooking.

I am hesitant to take on a blogging and scrapbooking project at the time. We are in week 9 of Orientation at work, and I am tired. I don't know if I have the energy, but it is worth a try. I was drawn to the chance to document our everyday lives, especially during a busy time. The tasks that seem mundane now will be looked back upon with fond memories someday. Alex will not be little for very long. I wonder about the things that will change in our lives over the coming years. I want to be grateful for all that I have in my life. My initial idea is to take pictures and blog each day, and then make a photobook of our week.

I dropped Alex off at school this morning. John does the drop-off most days, but it was easier for me to do it this morning. I like that we have our routines, but also that they are flexible to change when needed.
Alex likes to read books in the car. He is wearing his favorite "car" shirt today. I read him two books in his classroom, and then I said good-bye.

I made three piles of files this morning at work. The first pile on the left are my new files to prepare for group advising next week. The middle pile are the files that are ready for advising this week. The last pile are the ones from last week that need to be checked and returned to the front of the office. I had a productive day and there were a lot less files on my desk at 5:00 P.M.

By mid-morning, I realized that I was not going to make it to lunch without a trip to Starbucks. We now have two Starbucks on campus, but I try not to make this a daily trip. Today, I needed some iced coffee!

I went to the bank over my lunch hour, and it was already 96 degrees at 12:30 P.M. according to my car's temperature gage.

After work I picked up Alex. They painted today and he had purple paint on his face, ear, arm, shirt and in his hair. I knew that it would be bath night and having spaghetti for dinner made for a messy toddler.

At around 5:30 P.M. my temperature gage read 104 degrees. This is the first summer that the heat of the summer is really getting to me. It got hot early in June, and the problem is that this kind of heat could last for another six weeks here. For now, I am spending a lot of time in the air conditioning.

Alex sat at John's computer after dinner watching the screen saver. The computer was locked and Alex tried to get in with no luck. John and I chatted while he did the dishes. Alex took a bath and watched some Elmo. By the time 8:00 P.M. rolled around, he was exhausted. He was a little cranky this evening but still went to bed okay.

I also want to highlight some general things about our lives this week. Here is Alex's school menu for the week. He likes to be lifted up to see in the kitchen window as we walk back to his classroom in the mornings.