Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week in the Life: Tuesday

This project may just highlight bits and pieces of our lives, but I hope that it is still a good documentation of things that I have not shared on the blog and scrapbooked before this project.

John and Alex leave for the day usually between 7:15-7:20 A.M. Alex prefers to climb into the car seat himself. This can be a slow process and he says, "Alex do it!"

This is how Alex's room looked after he left this morning. He needed to take all of his t-shirts out of the drawer in order to chose one to wear. He also wanted to play with the fire station this morning.

My work bag:

Today at work:
I sent 12 emails, took 3 phone calls from students, called 3 other students, saw 5 students for walk-in advising, and prepped files for next week's orientation.

Here is what Alex painted yesterday at school. He did mangage to get paint on the paper and not just on himself.

Alex requests to listen to "Science" in the car. This is a good CD. We skipped their ABC's and 123's albums and went straight to Science. I think that it is ok because Alex can say his ABC's and count to 10 sometimes.

Sometimes Alex helps feed the dogs. He is getting better at measuring out their food.

Grocery List
It is a short one this week:
2 bags of Pita Chips
2 packages of Pita Bread
HEB Lite Sausage
Rice Cakes
Brown Rice
Thin Spaghetti
Spaghetti Sauce
Crispix Cereal
Special K Vanilla Almond Cereal
Granola Bars
Aluminum Foil
Frozen Fruit Bars
Sweet Potato Fries
Light Sour Cream

We tend to stock up at the beginning of the month, and then have shorter lists towards the end of the month. For a while, I was grocery shopping each week on Sunday mornings with Alex. As Alex has gotten a little older, it is harder to grocery shop with him for the big trips. He does well on the shorter trips, especially if he can drive the "truck" shopping cart. John shops once a week after work, which is a big help. The funny thing is when he calls me from HEB to ask were an item is located.

I did not end up cooking anything for dinner tonight because we were not very hungry.

At first, Alex did not want to take a bath. After sitting on the potty (he just sits for a minute, but it is a start), he wanted to take a bath. Afte he went to bed, this is how the coffee table looked.

Laundry! I try to do some loads during the week so that it does not pile up too much. We think that folding all of the laundry is optional.

What are we reading?



Good Night


Monica said...

I recognize that 31 bag! :) Nice job on capturing your day! Enjoy Wednesday!

Alison said...

Loved seeing the last two days!
Alison xx