Sunday, July 3, 2011

More on Podcasts

I called into the Papertrey Radio Podcast to answer Erin's question,

"Are you a slave to the trends or do you adopt trends into your personal style on a more permanent basis? Tell us what trends have taken hold of your heart and creative side and aren't letting you go anytime soon. Or, tell us how you love always creating with the latest and greatest motifs and elements."

Those of you who know me can already guess that I am not a slave to trends. I had some thoughts to share, and my voicemail was played on the podcast. Once I got over the "I sound like a dork" feeling, it was quite fun to hear my answer and be part of the episode. You can listen to the episode on Nichole's blog or download it to your computer, iPod, etc. (My voicemail is about 7 minutes into the podcast.)

I am trying to narrow down some choices for my first Papertrey Ink order. They have a great mix of stamps and coordinating dies and are known for their quality card stock. I know that I do want some card stock to add to my card stock drawer. You can never have too much card stock and color choices!

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