Sunday, July 31, 2011

WeeK in the Life: Saturday

The day started with breakfast. Banana and Crispix cereal are Alex's favorites. Paddy and Frida hover near the table waiting for Alex to drop some food. He does not need his high chair or booster seat anymore.

There are usually toys all around the family room.

Alex likes getting into our closet, which means that it is more difficult to keep it clean and organized. Today he wanted to wear John's boots. Once he realized that they are heavy to walk in, he decided that Daddy should wear them.

Alex watered his tree, which is having a hard time with the heat this summer.

Alex wanted to go to the pool, and first he swam in the big pool with his boat.
Alex is into horses right now, so Daddy was the horse as they swam around the kiddie pool. Alex kept saying "Yeehaw." We don't know where he picked that up...
There were lots of clouds on Saturday and even a little rain.

John and I had a "date night" on Saturday to celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary the next day. My mom watched Alex for a few hours. First we went to Borders to use a gift card before they go out of business. We bought Alex a cool puzzle with locks and latches. I really like bookstores, so it was sad to see this one all messy and on the verge of closing. Although, I was not a regular Boarder's shopper. I mainly shop Amazon and Barnes and Noble or try to check out books from the library.

We went to Kona Grill for dinner and had some potstickers, sushi, drinks and dessert. I forgot how to use chopsticks, so John helped me with it. Everything was delicious, and we had a great waiter.

Saturday was a good day. I especially enjoyed our time at the pool and a date night with John.

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