Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 & Happiness

Happy 2011!

My goal for 2011 is to "Eat Less and Move More." I am borrowing this phrase from another scrapbooker/blogger, Cathy Zielske. I have 16 more pounds to lose to reach my goal. I am mixed about giving myself a deadline, but my next birthday (June) does sound reasonable. To reach my goal, I am using the Weight Watchers Online program and the Rowdy New U Wellness program at work. Weight Watchers recently changed how they calculate their points, so I am relearning the program. At first this was annoying, but it will help me refocus. (I ate more and moved less over the holidays...)

In the past, I have chosen One Little Word to focus on for the year. I learned about this concept from Ali Edwards' blog. My 2007 word was DISCOVER and my 2008 word was CHALLENGE. I have not chosen a word the last couple of years. (My unofficial words were BABY and ALEX.)

I have chosen the word HAPPINESS for 2011 and will be working on the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I heard about this book a few times throughout the last year and like the concept of finding happiness within your own life. While little changes may help me be happier, I do not need to make large changes in my life. I was excited to have the opportunity to choose this book for our January book club. I plan to use and blog about the book throughout 2011.

For January, Boost Vitality, Gretchen set these goals for her Happiness Project:
1. Go to sleep earlier
2. Exercise better
3. Toss, restore, organize
4. Tackle a nagging task
5. Act more energetic

I like her list, so I will work on these items this months. Some months I may change it up a bit.

I think that connecting my word and a book with help me focus on the word throughout the year. Here's to happiness in the new year!

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