Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sometimes It is Good Just to be Home

Tuesday was a busy day at work and mentally exhausting. With the start of the spring semester, students were still sorting out their schedules and various issues. I picked up Alex from daycare and found out that he had a rough day in his new room. It was only his second day there, and he was sad and dealing with diaper rash. It was the first time in over eighteen months of daycare that a teacher told me that he did not have a good day. (Note to self: do not take the good days for granted.)

I was looking forward to Stamp Club that evening after work. Some creative time sounded good even though I was tired. John had to work late and Alex needed a bath to help with the diaper rash. (Dr. Smith's Ointment has worked the best for Alex.) I had undressed Alex and was running a luke warm bath for him when it began. He had to pee - A LOT. It was all over the corner of the bathroom, including the rug and on my pants. I was shocked and did not know how to respond at first.

We got everything cleaned up and Alex went to bed. I did a load of laundry, and John gave the bathroom a really good cleaning when her came home. (Thank you Honey!) By that time, I knew that it was best just to stay home that evening. I put on my pajamas early and enjoyed some quiet time. I have realized the key to making all of this work (two full-time jobs, a toddler, a house, and two dogs) is to NOT try to do everything. Sometimes it is ok to stay home.

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