Monday, January 17, 2011

one weekend 2 shots (January 15-16)

We are wrapping up a three day weekend here. It is so nice to have an extra day off!
Moo Baa La La La! has become one of Alex's favorite books. He likes to make the animal noises in the book. It is a library book, so we will max out our renewals on it. (It may be worth adding to our book collection.) He really enjoyed reading his books this weekend!
We have moved from baby-proofing on to toddler-proofing. Alex can now open door knobs and reach our counter tops. Alex can open the front door, so it needs to be locked all the time now. Yesterday Alex opened the door to the cleaning closet, which is where I keep all the cleaning products that I don't want him to get. It was time to bring out the door knob covers. The adults around the house are learning to use them, and hopefully Alex will not learn how to use them anytime soon...

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