Monday, January 3, 2011

one weekend 2 shots (January 1-2)

We had a quiet New Year after being in Ohio for a week. We are mostly unpacked, but I am still catching up on laundry. We also have plans to reorganize part of the house in the new year. John and I both went back to work today, but we could have used another week off just to get things done around the house.

My dad brought over two framed samplers from his family, specifically from Nana's family. One of them dates back to 1834, and they survived a fire at Nana's house. They have a new home in our kitchen. My photo does not do it justice, but I still wanted to share. (My parents have a sampler that Nana made in the 1940's.)
I needed a second photo, so I took one of my very MESSY desk. It turns out that a bigger desk can just mean a bigger mess. I got some great crafty Christmas gifts that I need to use. My desk is on the list of reorganization projects...
For you fellow Mac users: I liked Becky Higgin's blog post about editing photos in iPhoto. I used more of the features on these two photos and am happy with the results.
Have a good week!

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